Unique features for better

Spark Now

Resource, guidance, and tips

Spark Now provides you with resources, guidance, and tips for a healthy relationship.

Spark Now

Special games for you and

Spark Now showcases special games you can play with your partner.

Spark Now

Special reminder

Need to remind your partner of something without sounding like a nag? Spark Now does the reminding for you!

Spark Now

Shared calendar

Need to create events for you and your partner? Spark Now provides a calendar where you can create a personal event or share it with your partner.

Spark now

Need Relationship

Our sole aim and purpose for this app is to offer amazing
relationship tips for couples to help them reignite the
spark in their relationship.


Meet the Team

We have a highly qualified and skilled team

Dana Delvin Spark Now

Dana Devlin

Founder and CEO of Spark Now.

Terelouti Krangar Spark Now

Terelouti Krangar

Founder and CEO of Fluidangle

Alcibiades Araujo Spark Now

Alcibiades Araujo

Chief Product Manager at Fluidange

Erin Zamore Spark Now

Erin Zamore

Chief Digital Marketer at Fluidangle

Deborah Amajuoyi Spark Now

Amajuoyi .U. Deborah

Lead UI/UX Designer at Fluidangle