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Reignite the spark with your loved one

Spark Now makes it easier to remember important and meaningful dates! It sends you a notification to remind you of an upcoming event. This is a great app for couples who have a busy schedule or lifestyle. #sparknow

Spend time with your loved one

Spark Now helps couples stay connected and keep each other a top priority. Sometimes it is just the little things that count. #stayconnected

Get motivation to make your partner happy

Spark Now sends you reminders to make sure your partner's needs are met while simultaneously rewarding you. The reminders help you stay on task rather than you being nagged by your partner. #skipthenagging

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What our users say about us

Makes it a lot easier to not forget the dates of very meaningful days! It sends a notification so that you know the event is coming up which is a great app to have with a busy schedule or lifestyle!

- Kai

Ever since we have used Spark, our relationship has been so stress-free! In the past, I would complain to my husband that he never meets my needs and he would complain that I nag him too much! But now that we have Spark to remind each other of our wants and needs, I don't feel that void of him not meeting mine anymore and he does not feel that I nag anymore. This app really has brought the spark back into our relationship!

- Dana

Spark gave me the reminders and motivation I need to make sure my wife’s needs are met while simultaneously rewarding me with my “special” needs and more from her. It really helps me stay on task and reminds me, rather than feeling nagged, of what my wife needs of me and helps us come together as one as a team!

- Jason

This app is like heaven for us. My boyfriend and I are in a long distance relationship, but he works hard and I have two jobs. Sometimes we're so tired or busy that times goes by and we forget to call each other. Spark reminders really helps. Also, not being together makes it hard to physically go out on dates, so I love the surprise and date night feature!

- Mimi

This has helped communication immensely since using this application for a few weeks. My wife and I get along a lot better, and chores are delegated smoothly and fairly. Our sexy time has greatly improved also, to my surprise. Things have been...funner than usual. Looking forward to the future updates.

- Thomas

I am so excited to use the Spark Now app to continue to enhance the love connection with My Love...Date night is so important!!!...I Love This!!!

- Vanessa

Great app for couples that helps you stay managed and keep your partner in your top priorities. Sometimes it's just the little things that count. This app definitely drives that point home. Love it!

- Carnell

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