How an Everyday Housewife Created an App for Her and Her Husband

Hi there! My name is Dana, I'm the creator of Spark Now. I am a semi-newlywed living in Orlando, Florida with my wonder(pain in the ass)ful husband, Jason, and our perfect furbaby, Leonidas. Jason and I got married on March 11, 2017, so we just celebrated our second wedding anniversary two months ago (love is in the aiiiiir)! We have been together for about four to five years now, honestly I don't think either of us really know exactly how long we've been together, we just know it's a ballpark between those numbers. I also work full time as a high school teacher, he works full time for his parents' knife business, and Leonidas works full time at sleeping and farting all day.

I'm sure you're wondering, "why did she feel the need to create an app like this," or "OMG I'm so happy that somebody FINALLY made an app like this!," or maybe you're not wondering anything at all (which is honestly how my brain works hehe). I want to share my story with you so you can truly understand the meaning behind the app, and why I really think that all, or most, couples should use it!

So Jason is REALLY annoying (and I'm 99% sure he would say the same about me). You see, when he and I first got together he would do all of these sweet little things for me. He would surprise me with flowers, take me out on fun date nights, clean the house for me, whatever. I would wear his favorite outfits, give him random massages, and cook romantic dinners for him at home. After a while when we started to get more comfortable with each other, those little things started to decrease, as things usually do when you have been in a relationship for a while. So one day, when Jason and I were sitting on our couch, I asked him to vacuum the floor. He responded "okay," and I'm sure you could guess what happened next: nothing. The following day I asked the same questions and received the same response, but no action. This pattern went on for an entire week when I finally stormed up to him and yelled, "WHY CAN'T YOU JUST VACUUM THE FLOOR?!" and he responded "maybe I'd vacuum if you'd stop NAGGING me!" Then he started naming off all of the little things I no longer did for him, I started naming off all of the little things he no longer did for me, and we just kept going on and on for what seemed like centuries! I finally decided to take Leonidas on a walk to just get out, where I started thinking of any solution to our problems. That's when I came up with the concept of Spark Now, an app that sends out reminders based off both of our needs, takes away the annoying-ness of nagging, and ensures that both of us feel that we are being heard, not just one or neither of us. When I came back from my walk I asked Jason what he thought of that idea and he said, "I love it babe, go make it!"

Right after that conversation I went out on a mission to find a developer who could build the app for me. I did attempt to code for about two seconds, but let's just say my computer almost went flying out the window. Anyways, I found an amazing local developer who has helped me from the start. He not only built the app for me, but he helped me understand what it means to create and build a business. I went from "I need an app for me and Jason," to "okay this could help other people too," and really needed to undergo a mental change for that. I've never owned my own business before so the idea of me being considered a "business owner" really freaked me out. Actually, it still does! Luckily my app developer has been involved in startups for years so he has guided me every step of the way. I thank God for him all the time and one day I plan on buying him a yacht for having to deal with my constant craziness :).

So that's it! That's my story behind Spark Now. It's been an awesome, weird, life changing journey for me so far and I'm pretty sure it will only continue to be more awesome, weird, and life changing! Everyday I'm working on making Spark Now better not just for me and Jason, but for all of you who have downloaded the app and use it with your partner. I can't wait to see what the future holds for all of us!

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